A Comprehensive Guide to Hajj 2024: Everything You Need to Know

A Comprehensive Guide to Hajj 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to perform Hajj? Hajj is one of the best activities performed by Muslims worldwide; it is not as simple as performing namaz. The Hajj trip is a holy duty in Islam, and some requirements must be fulfilled to carry out this important ceremony. 

First, children are not needed to perform the Hajj; only Muslim adults—male or female—are. Furthermore, those who are extremely ill, elderly, or physically unstable are not allowed to perform this holy duty.

To perform Hajj, a person must be able to follow the necessary obligation. They are only required to do so once their creditors have consented.

Let’s now examine a detailed instruction manual for completing the Hajj:

The 19 Steps of Hajj at a Glance

  1. Preparation and Intention
  2. Enter the State of Ihram
  3. Tawaf x7
  4. Safa and Marwa
  5. Clip/Shave Hair (Umrah ends)
  6. Resting and Praying
  7. Enter the State of Ihram
  8. Arrive at Mina
  9. Day of ‘Arafah
  10. Muzdalifah (under the night sky)
  11. Rami (stoning of the devil)
  12. Hady
  13. Shaving of the Head
  14. Tawaf al-Ifadha
  15. Saai’
  16. Rami (stoning of the devil)
  17. Spend the night at Mina
  18. Rami (stoning of the devil)
  19. Farewell Tawaf al-Wida

When Should I Do the Hajj?

As stated in the Islamic calendar, the Hajj is performed every year between the eighth and twelfth of Dhul Hijjah. It is common for pilgrims to visit Makkah in the days and weeks preceding the pilgrimage season.

How Do You Do the Hajj?

There are three variations of the Hajj: Qiran, Ifraad, and Tamattu. The Tamattu form, advocated by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), is the main subject of the guide.

Detailed Hajj Procedures:

1. Preparation and Intention: Before you travel to Makkah, commit in your heart to performing the Hajj for Allah alone.

2. Enter the State of Ihram: Dress in the appropriate white fabric for men or suitable clothes for women, representing the Ihram’s spiritual state.

3. Tawaf x7: Complete seven counterclockwise circumambulations of the Kaaba.

4. Safa and Marwa: Complete Sa’ai by jogging and walking between Safa and Marwa’s hills seven times.

5. Clip/Shave Hair (Umrah Ends): Men trim or shave their hair following Sa’ai, and women trim their hair to the length of their fingers, signifying the Conclusion of Umrah.

6. Resting and Praying: As you get ready for the next Hajj days, stay in Makkah, take it easy, and perform acts of worship.

These procedures go on, and the Farewell Tawaf al-Wida marks the end of the Hajj.

How should one evaluate a package for the Hajj?

It’s important to understand that the most expensive Hajj package sometimes translates into the easiest trip. Some Hajj organizers might put you in hotels closest to Haram before moving you during the most important Hajj days when having close access to lodging is most important.

As such, the acceptability of a Hajj package is more a function of your budget than your preparation level. Take into consideration the following important factors, especially if you are travelling with senior pilgrims:

Close to Jamarat: 

Make sure your maktab or lodging is conveniently located near Jamarat. Shorter walks might be doable, but longer walks—especially in the sweltering sun—can be too much for senior pilgrims to endure.

Transportation from Mina to Arafat: 

Verify the dependability and accessibility of the Mina to Arafat transportation system. There could be delays if some Hajj operators need help scheduling coaches or buses.

Make sure the Hajj package you choose has the following necessary components:

Qurbani Participation 

Check if the Qurbani (sacrifice) cost is included in the package. This service may have additional costs from some operators.

Mina Full-Service Tents 

Seek out packages that include full-service tents in Mina, furnished with cushions and mattresses for maximum comfort.

Tents with air conditioning in Arafat 

Verify whether the package includes tents with air conditioning in Arafat to ensure a more pleasant stay during this crucial portion of the journey.

Three Meals a Day 

Ensure the package contains three meals daily to give pilgrims the energy they need to continue their trek.

Limited Number of Pilgrims in a Tent 

Choose packages that ensure maximum pilgrims in each tent to encourage a more roomy and reasonable living arrangement.

Access to Ziayarat (Optional)

If seeing holy sites is important, find out if the package offers access to Ziayarat, which enables optional trips to important places.

Eid al-Adha and Conclusion

Make Qurbani (sacrifice) on the tenth of Dhul Hijjah and the second day of Ramadan. After celebrating Eid al-Adha, carry out the last rites, which include Tawaf al-Ifadha and head shaving.

On the 12th of Dhul Hijjah, finish the final round of Rami and then perform the required Farewell Tawaf.

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Hajj Mabrook! Use the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah to increase your acts of worship and ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy if you are unable to complete the Hajj.