Hajj and Umrah Resources: Useful Websites, Apps, and Guides

Hajj and Umrah Resources: Useful Websites, Apps, and Guides

Here are the best Hajj/Umrah useful smartphone apps that can help you get through Umrah and feel deeply connected with Allah SWT in this spiritual journey of a lifetime during your trip to Saudi. Technology is part of our life and we simply can’t live without it when it comes to the fact that we will still use technology for our pilgrimage. Even when it comes to Umrah and the apps for Umrah the only way to find it is through the devices in our hands. 

They can be an amazing source of planning, and learning safety when it comes to traveling whether for pilgrimages or general travel. 

Nusuk App – A must have app is the best app for umrah. The Nusuk app is the application created by the government of Saudi Arabia to help pilgrims find more information, book their visa, and packages, find helpful information and also book their Umrah and Rawdah slots. 

Especially for Medinah, you will need the app to make sure you have access to Rawdah. It is also the same app that helps you book your Hajj. The government is trying to simplify the whole process for pilgrims with Nusuk. You can find them online or on Google & App stores

Haramain Train

If you want to have access to your Haramain train tickets or to make sure you book your train tickets for Makkah and Medinah then downloading the application can make your life easier. 

Hajj & Umrah App

Hajj and Umrah app is the best and user-friendly application with an eye-catching interface. Features of the app include comprehensive guidance for performing Hajj and Umrah, provided in a step-by-step format. Access to videos that are necessary for understanding Hajj and Umrah as well as Duas you can use for your pilgrimage 

Transportation Apps 

The two most popular transportation apps in Saudi Arabia are Uber and Careem. They are both on the same principle and I am sure you have used or heard of them in your country. You can order Uber / Careem from Jeddah airport or even for Ziyarah or trips to the museums. 

Al Mutawaf

It includes many services that made it the favorite for pilgrims .Guide me service enables the user to find his place of residence. Al-Haram guide is a photo-map for Al-Haram with all its facilities and services .Audio guide enables you to listen to all Hajj Rituals . Aftonii enables the user to find all answers from (Mufti) Muslim scholars .


Tarwiah app is to serve pilgrims and provides information in seven languages about the water services in the holy places (Makkah and Madina). The services provided include a map to locate toilets, reporting water problems, information about Zamzam water distribution points, and other important information for pilgrims.


It helps locate the places of interest for the public, such as nearest mosques, restaurants, toilets, shopping malls, and find the shortest possible route to POI from your current location.

Arafat Sermon

Arafat Sermon app provides information about the Arafat Sermon Translation project with the ability to listen to the translated sermon on Arafat Day.


“Hadaj ” is a simple communication way between buyer, seller and carrier in the field of sheep Transportation. “Hadaj” enables you to save your time in searching for different sheep types with different criteria and get what you need in an easy way. Simplify the way of defining and showing sheep Advertisement Search all the sheep Advertisements and select what matches your criteria.  Facilitate the process of buying sheep and the process of sheep Transportation between buyers and sellers.


It allows filing an emergency report, finding exact location, supporting people with special needs, and recording medical history.

Hajj and Umrah Navigator

It is a digital geographic App for the area of Holy Places (Mashair) inside Saudi Arabia. Its maps contain information for addresses, Hajj camps, streets, districts, public services and Mashair boundaries. Hajj and Umrah Navigator is based on the National Address that covers buildings and Hajj camps, particularly in Makkah and Madinah.

Al Maqsad

It helps visitors of Makkah to find their exact location inside the corridors of the Grand Mosque (Almasjid Alharam) and find out any place they want to go. This application works offline.


MRSOOL is the new experience in transporting goods. Whenever you want anything from any store, MRSOOL will deliver it to your door.

Hope these apps will help you throughout your Hajj and Umrah journey and make it easy for you so you can focus on your ibadat in Makkah and Madinah.