The world highest prayer room: The Sky Mussalla

The world highest prayer room: The Sky Mussalla

The Jabal Omar in Makkah has revealed Sky Musallah, the world’s highest prayer room, at the 5-Star Address Hotel, located within a skybridge at a staggering 483 meters above sea level. It offers stunning panoramic views of Al Masjid Al Haram, The Holy Kaaba, and Makkah City, earning it a Guinness World Record. The skybridge connects the 36th and 38th floors of the two twin towers at The Address Jabal Omar Hotel. It serves as an exceptional viewpoint for guests staying at this iconic hotel in the heart of Makkah.

An Architectural Marvel

The Sky Musallah is not just about its impressive height or record-breaking achievement. It’s a testament to the architectural brilliance and boundless creativity of the Jabal Omar Development Company. The prayer room has been meticulously designed to excel on every metric, providing guests with a sensational vantage point to immerse themselves in complete spirituality while gazing out at the magnificent landmarks of Makkah. The musallah  offers a panoramic view of Masjid Al Haram and a complete view of the Kaaba, the city center most vibrant during the annual Hajj & Umrah season.

Interior Design of Sky Musallah

The interior design of Sky Musallah is just as excellent as its exterior, featuring a seamless fusion of ancient Arabian charm and contemporary opponents. The stunning Arabic calligraphy adds a layer of grace to the ambience of the Sky Musallah. Each stroke of the calligraphy tells a story about the different names of Allah, such as Al-Muqaddim (The Advancer), and Al-Mani (The Shielder and Protector), infusing the space with a sense of reverence and connection to the rich Islamic heritage. The stunning Arabic calligraphy adorning the walls adds a layer of profound grace to the ambiance.

A Guinness World Record Achievement

Sky Musallah has earned its place in the prestigious guinness world record featuring the height of 483 meters above the three levels. This feat has marked a new milestone for the hotel signifying its steadfast commitment to offering unparalleled experiences to the pilgrims and travelers alike. The Sky Musallah which is located within a sky bridge that connects the property of two towers standing 179 meters from the hotel internal road level. This unique positioning and careful design rewarded the prayer room with the title “Highest Prayer Room Within a Skybridge” in the Guinness World Records. The result of this achievement was both the factors architectural brilliance and boundless creativity and employing advanced technology and using special equipment to design the space with a weight of 650 tons, its steel bridge was assembled at 312 meters above sea level before being lifted to the final level, where its linked the hotel twin tower at the 36 37 and 38 floors. 

Sky Musallah Accommodation

The  Mussallah can hold up to 520 individuals, covering an area of 550 square meters. This makes it an ideal location for prayer, regardless of the time of day, providing uninterrupted and inspiring views of Al Masjid Al Haram. 

As the morning light illuminates Makkah, visitors can behold the breathtaking beauty of the holy city coming to life, immersing them in a state of pure tranquility and calmness. 

As the sun sets, the Mussallah transforms into a peaceful sanctuary, with the fading sunlight casting warm hues and creating a memorable spiritual experience and a sacred sanctuary for reflection and prayer.

A Symbol of Commitment

Hotel The Jabal Omar of  who revealed the Sky Musallah is not just a milestone for them but a symbol of their unwavering commitment to offering exceptional experiences for pilgrims and travelers. With its prime location centering the hotel’s twin towers, the Sky Musallah is breathtaking and a must-visit sight for everyone passing through the city or going for umrah.

A Unique Spiritual Experience

The Sky Musallah offers a unique spiritual  experience and heartfelt connection to its sacred surroundings as it provides a birds eye view of Masjid Al Haram the city which never sleeps with full sight of Kaaba, where the whole city comes alive every year during the Hajj & Umrah seasons.

Experience the luxurious View From Height at Sky Musallah

The Sky Musallah it’s not just an architectural marvel or a Guinness World Record achievement. It’s a testament to the hotel’s commitment to offering unique experiences for pilgrims and travelers. This.architectural marvel standing as the world’s highest prayer room on a sky bridge offers a breathtaking view of the city of Mecca which symbolizes architectural excellence and Islamic heritage, offering a serene atmosphere for prayer and contemplation.